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Model: Lipo Tester & Alarm
Specifications:• 2~8S Battery Tester• Low Voltage Alarm• Dimensions: 33mm x 15mm x 11mm• Weight: 9gPackage Includes:- 1 x Tester & Alarm..
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Brand: HGLRC Model: H-Thor Charger Board
Thor Lipo Battery Balance Charger Board Pro 40A XT60 XT30 Plug 2-6S Integrated with Lipo Discharger for IMAX B6 ISDT Q6 Nano HOTA D6 Pro P6Lipo Battery Balance Charger Board:Max Input Current: 40AMax Balance Current: 2ACell Count Support: 2-6sCharge Connector Protection: Each XT30/XT60 port has its ..
Ex Tax:25.20€*
Brand: Matek Systems Model: Matek DBuz5V
DOWNLOAD - User ManualSpecifications:• Built-in MCU• Working voltage range: 4.5-5.2V DC• Power: 1W Max.• Sound Output: 90dB Max.• Size & Weight: 18 * 13 * 8mm / 2gPackage Includes:- 1 x Lost Model Beeper & FPV FC 5V Loud Buzzer..
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Brand: Matek Systems Model: LED Tail Light WS2812B + Buzzer
Specifications:• Dual modes: FC control & TX control• TX mode: LED 7 colors (White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Magenta, Cyan)• LED 4 status (Constant light, Slow flash, Fast flash, Voilent flash)• Buzzer: Lost Plane Finder• FC mode: supports Betaflight firmware• Input voltage range: 4.5~5.2V DC• ..
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Model: Smoke Stopper
Specifications:• Connector: XT30 & XT60 (input and output)• Input voltage: 1-6S (3 - 30V)• Trip current: 1.0A• Hold current: 0.5ADisclaimer:This is just a fuse. Something may still break by the time the fuse trips. It won't protect against all kinds of damages, but it's still way better than not..
Ex Tax:5.59€*
Brand: Team BlackSheep Model: Battery Anti-Slip Pad 3pcs
Super grippy, sticky battery pads for different size quads (cut to your own size). SPECIFICATION• Size (LWH): 100 x 50 x 2.5 (mm)• Grippiness: SuperINCLUDES• 3 x Anti-slip battery pads of identical size with double-sided stickytape backing...
Ex Tax:5.87€*
Brand: Team BlackSheep Model: LiPo Bag
Keep your LiPos in a safe place and travel with style - all in one. The first LiPo bag in the world that doesn't scream "fire hazard" whenever you pop it out. Calm black design with safety-minded, professional icons, ensuring you right of way at all airport security checkpoints. The text explai..
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Brand: Team BlackSheep Model: Strap Micro 180mm
Designed for all the micro aircrafts with a strong metal buckle.  Specifications:• Size: 180 x 13mmPackage Includes:- 4 x TBS Micro Strap ..
Ex Tax:5.80€*
Brand: Team BlackSheep Model: Strap Swagger 280mm
The newest unbreakable strap from "Swagger-FPV-Shizzle" in cooperation with Team BlackSheep.Specialy designed for large Lipos like 6sSpecifications:• Size: 280 x 20mmPackage Includes:- 2 x TBS Swagger Strap ..
Ex Tax:5.79€*
Brand: aMAXinno FPV Model: Strap 11cm
Package Includes:- 1 x LiPo Strap 11cm..
Ex Tax:0.66€*
Brand: aMAXinno FPV Model: Strap 15cm
Package Includes:- 1 x LiPo Strap 15cm..
Ex Tax:0.66€*
Brand: aMAXinno FPV Model: Strap 20cm
Package Includes:- 1 x LiPo Strap 20cm..
Ex Tax:0.66€*
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