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TBS Unify Pro32 Nano and Crossfire Nano Mounting Board for toothpick style rigs. (26 x 26 mounting pattern).Package Contents:- 1 x TBS Toothpick Mounting Board..
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Specifications:• Input Voltage: 4.5V - 5V ONLY• Power levels: 25mW* / 50mW**• Interface: SmartAudio and capacitive button (or solder external tactile button separately included!)• Weight: 1.4g (incl. antenna)• Size: 13.2mm x 14.6mm• Antenna connector: u.FL (upgraded)• Antenna length: 45.6mm (end to ..
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With the TBS UNIFY PRO32 Nano we have boosted the output power, improved the robustness, decreased the power consumption, added capability for insane features and perfected the way it is installed in your multirotor. In a nutshell, it’s the most comprehensive, future proof, highest quality and overa..
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