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FC (Flight Controllers)

Brand: HGLRC
➤ DOWNLOAD - User ManualUsage:for 100mm-450mm Frame KitFC Firmware:BF HGLRCF722(HGLR)Installing Hole:30.5X30.5mm.M3Specifications:• Item Name:Zeus F722 Flight Controller• Built-in LED controller• MPU:MPU6000• UARTS:5• CPU:STM32F722 RET6• Input Voltage:3-6S Lipo • Built-in Betaflight OSD to adju..
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Note:Since STM32F722 heat large , please leave at least 5mm interspace at both sides of the FC with nothing covered to make sure a good air circulation.Specification:MCU: 216MHz STM32F722RET6GYRO: MPU6000Barometer: YesOSD: YesBlacbox: 16M Flash MemoryUarts: 6SetESC Soft: Dshot300/600/1200ESC Telemet..
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