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Brand: Dalprop
Specifications:• Size: 7 inch / 17.78cm, 3-Blade• Pitch: 5.1• Hub Size: Φ5mm• Hub Color: Grey• POPO: Yes• Weight: 7g• Material: PCPackage Includes:- Grey Hub (4pcs)- Blades (12pcs) ..
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Brand: Gemfan
Specifications:• Size: 7 x 4, 3-Blade• Hub Size: Φ5mm• Center thickness: 7.5mm• Material: PCPackage Includes:- 2 x CW 7040 Flash Propeller- 2 x CCW 7040 Flash Propeller..
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Brand: Gemfan
Specifications:• Size: 178.6mm, 2-Blade• Hub Size: M5&T Mount 1.5mm(Adapter)• Hub Thickness: 5.5mm• Max Prop Width: 17.5mm• Pitch: 3.5 Inch• Weight: 4.2g/pc• Material: PC• Color: WhitePackage Includes:- 2 x CW LR7035 Propeller- 2 x CCW LR7035 Propeller..
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HQProp 7x3.5x3 3-Blade Grey (2 Pairs) Propeller
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Brand: HQProp
Specifications:• Size: 7inch• Pitch: 3.5• Blade: 3• Material: Poly Carbonate• Weight: 8.8g• Hub Diameter: 13.5mm• Thickness: 7mm• Shaft: 5mm• Adaptor Rings: NOPackage Includes:- 2 x CW 7x3.5x3 Propeller- 2 x CCW 7x3.5x3 Propeller..
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