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Product Code: Omnibus F4 V6
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• classic OMNIBUS design, using F4 MCU controls OSD over SPI bus, compare the first version, we added BMP280 as barometer and SD Card supports.

• OSD Configuration has been incl. in Betaflight GUI.

• FC incl. 5V1A BEC on board(3-6s) and 1x 8V BEC for Camera

• MPU6000 at SPI bus, Ext, SPI for damped gyro

• Use fireworks v2 firmware, in CLI, set gyro_to_use = SECOND

• New version with 8PIN Sh1.0 Socket, could be much easier connect to our 4in1 ESC by one cable.

• On v5, we added jumpers for Current source select, please read the manual and set the jumper before using the FC.


• STM32 F405 MCU, Runs Betaflight 3.0 firmware

• SBUS/PPM input (Pinheaders)

• 6PWM output (1-4Pinheaders and Sh1.0 Plug, 5-6 as Pinheaders)

• Only 36x36mm, mount holes 30.5x30.5mm

• Incl. BARO BMP280

• SPI Sensor MPU6000 Flash

Package Includes:

- 1 x Ominbus F4 V6 FC

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